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Getting Started

Gearbox โš™๏ธ is a web framework for building micro services written in Go with a focus on high performance. It's built on fasthttp which is up to 10x faster than net/http.


โš™๏ธ gearbox requires version 1.11 or higher of Go (Download Go)

Just use go get to download and install gearbox

go get -u

Hello World!#

You easily start your service in few lines!

package main
import (    "")
func main() {    // Setup gearbox    g := gearbox.New()
    // Define your handlers    g.Get("/", func(ctx gearbox.Context) {        ctx.SendString("Hello World!")    })
    // Start service    g.Start(":3000")}

Start your service

go run service.go

Visit http://localhost:3000 to your Gearbox serivce in action!