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Newcomers are always welcome to contribute to gearbox, and we are happy to offer help to newcomers. Before making changes, please first discuss the change you want to make through Discord, or email us at [email protected]

There are many ways to contribute:#

Code Contribution#

If you wish to work on an issue, please comment on the issue that you want to work on it. This is to prevent duplicated efforts on the same issue.

Contributions to gearbox ⚙️ should be made in the form of pull requests (PR) to the master branch.

Each pull request will be reviewed by someone with permission to land patches.

After reviewing the patch, it could be merged to the master branch or given feedback for changes. (Seems not clear to you! Don't worry, we have added tutorials for Github Workflow

Code of Conduct#

We expect everyone to follow the Code Of Conduct

Useful links for collaborators/mantainers#