GitHub workflow

If you have never used git or GitHub, you may also need to check Hello World in GitHub Guides.

Firstly, You need to Fork gearbox repository gogearbox/gearbox then clone it on your local machine using

git clone

According to GitHub naming we will call :#

  • The repository you have forked origin and its link is
  • This repository upstream and its link is

The previous steps are done once, then these steps that you should follow every time you work on patch(es) or feature(s):#

  1. Fetch code and create a local branch

    git fetch upstream
    git checkout -b LOCAL_BRANCH_NAME upstream/master
  2. Do your code changes then commit

    git commit -a -m "Issue #ISSUE_NUMBER: BRIEF_DESCRIPTION."
  3. Push commit you have made to your fork

    git push -u origin "LOCAL_BRANCH_NAME"
  4. Create a Pull Request(PR) to the branch master. To notify the reviewer that will review this PR, you can write r? @USER_NAME

  5. After getting reviewers' feedback - if something needs to be changed, added, removed or fixed and these changes are minor (means you didn't get r+, just fix it in a new commit on the same branch

    git commit --fixup SHA1_OF_THE_PREVIOUS_COMMIT (You can get it using **git log**)
  6. Use step 3 to update the Pull Request. Repeat steps 5-6 until the review is accepted.

  7. When you notice that there is a change on upstream that affects your patch or files you have worked on, you need to update and rebase your local branch

    git fetch upstream
    git rebase upstream/master